How to reach to Alibag By Road

You can start from Mumbai or Thane and reach to Panvel a junction between Pune & Mumbai Panvel is approx 45kms from Mumbai and Thane, here you will find 2 roads first  to Pune and second road going to Goa.

Take a road to Goa from Panvel about 30kms you will come to Pen and 5kms from Pen you will reach to Wadkhal.

Here in Wadkhal you will get left road going to Goa and straight road coming to Alibag.

Take a straight road to Alibag at about 25kms from wadkhal you will reach Alibag.

From Pune you can come to lonavala and from here can come to Khopoli

From khopoli you will have to turn to left to reach to Pen and from Pen you can take straight road to Alibag

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How to Reach to Alibag By Sea

The nearest jetty is Mandwa From where catamaran/ferry services are available to Gateway of India,

Mumbai. Another port in the vicinity is Rewas, from where a ferry service is available to Bhau ka Dhakka. There is also a jetty at Custom Bandar from where fishermen in Alibag set fishing.

Launch services are available mostly from September to May. In the rainy season, launch services do not operate. There are various types of launch services available e.g. Catamaran services offering air conditioned and non-air-conditioned accommodation, normal ferry boats service etc.  Mostly launch services are available between 6.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. They take on an average two hours duration from Alibag to Gateway of India,  Mumbai. From Alibag to Mandawa Jetty, there is bus service and from Mandawa Jetty to Gateway of India, there is Launch service. Combined charges for bus service from Alibag to Mandawa Jetty and launch service from Mandawa Jetty to Gateway of India, Mumbai and vice versa are taken by all launch operators. Buses start right from Alibag itself for all types of launch services run by all operators.

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